How To Become VIP On IMVU?

We all love playing IMVU as it is but there was always something that was missing from our experience. VIP. VIP is a must have if you love the game of IMVU and you want the best experience possible to play with your friends on this social media game.

So exactly how do you become VIP on IMVU?

. Gaining Credits

Get VIP for your account by easily getting credits for free. There are many ways to get credits for your IMVU accounts by doing offers, watching videos or reading guides. You can use these credits to trade in for VIP.

. Buying an IMVU card

The most popular way is to buy an IMVU prepaid gift card from any retailer that sells it. Once you purchase the card, your VIP will be unlocked. Do keep in mind although this by isn’t a free method to getting VIP, VIP becomes cheaper by how many months you buy.

. Winning contests

Win contests on IMVU in exchange for free VIP. There are contests posted monthly that anyone can enter, to get a chance at getting VIP for their IMVU account.

Although VIP makes the game great, it is not needed to enjoy IMVU. If you have friends in the game to play with, you will always be entertained.

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